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Duke Energy Contract

  • Town Clerk/Finance Officer
    Town of Cleveland
    1 56

    The Town Board has approved spending approximately $258,000 to replace some of the street lights furnished by Duke Energy. The lights will be taken off the telephone poles and 72 decorative light poles will be installed on the opposite side of the sidewalk from the street so that the sidewalk is lighted also.  What kind of procedure do we need to follow as informal or formal bids would not be appropriate due to Duke being the only one furnishing electricity to the Town?  A written service agreement for public lighting has been approved for $117,100 stating that "additional charges will be needed to bore under state roads with encroachment". The additional $240,900 has only been verbal for boring required for installation.  I assume that this also needs to be in writing, is that correct? Any advice is appreciated.

      August 19, 2021 9:47 AM EDT