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Meals and p-card policy

  • Finance Director
    City of Clinton
    I am looking for a p-card policy/guidelines that address meals/food for meetings purchases.  
      April 29, 2021 9:26 AM EDT
    • Heidi Kerns
      Heidi Kerns We do not allow PCards to be used for meals since we reimburse only per diem for meals not covered by the conference or hotel. Food for meetings depends on the funding source being used to pay for it. Some do not allow food for meetings, especially federal funds.
      May 4
  • Associate Vice President, State Level Accounting & Operations
    North Carolina Community College System
    10 92
    This isn't a policy, per se, but just a reminder that meals are regulated by Internal Revenue Code (see Publication 15-B,  Employer-paid meals are generally taxable to the employee as compensation unless you can show that they are rather infrequent (exlcuded as de minimis, see page 17) and/or are provided for the convenience of the employer.  Typically that means that you provide them in conjunction with employees working overtime (pages 18 and 19).

      May 4, 2021 3:20 PM EDT