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  • I have just posted a short blog post on Coates’ Canons about the guidance the IRS finally issued on Friday about the employee social security tax deferral program.
    You can fi...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - August 31
  • How are other Governments paying their Sheriff Deputies that are on the DEA task force?  How are you handling paying them for overtime?Thank you,Jamie HoltzmanFranklin County ...  more
    Last post by Dawn Friedman - August 24
  • I won’t be back at work until Tuesday, Aug. 18th, but from my vacation perch, I want to announce another edition of Employment Law and COVID-19 Zoom Office Hours, scheduled f...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - August 13
  • Registration for the School of Government's Introduction to Public Employment Law course is now open! The class is being offered live via Zoom and will be held September 14 –...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - July 29
  • Can anyone direct us to the Federal and State withholding in regards to lump sum payments?
    Last post by Jason Forlines - July 23
  • Good afternoon,
     Has anyone heard if there are special instructions for 941 reporting if we have had employees take advantage of the eFMLA and emergency paid sick leave? ...  more
    Last post by Heidi Kerns - July 23
  • We have a police office that is retiring using 2 years of sick time.  He qualifies for the seperation allowance, however, not all of his years of service are law enforcement. ...  more
    Last post by Shayne Wheeler - July 16
  • Folks,
    I just want to remind you all that the Public Employment Law Update will be held live, on Zoom, next Tues., July 21 from 1 – 5 pm and Wed., July 22 from 9 am – 1...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - July 13
  • We're looking at possibly changing from semi-monthly pay periods to every two weeks.  Other than the obvious issues with employees possibly getting a shorter check the first t...  more
  • I have an employee who resigned. He was paid a vacation payout plus comp time accrued. In reporting on ORBIT, is the comp time reported as regular salary?  I see where I repor...  more
    Last post by Samantha Ruiz - July 1
  • Folks,
     The School of Government will be offering our annual Public Employment Law Update (previously scheduled for May at the Friday Center) ONLINE THROUGH ZOOM on July 21 &n...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - June 25
  • I have had my first new employee to set up since the new W-4 form came out. His wife works but he did not put anything for Step 2, 3 or 4.  He just listed Married Filing Joint...  more
    Last post by Susan Hiscocks - June 25
  • On the vacation/holiday payout of a terminated employee, I see that I need to withhold 22% federal taxes but I cannot find information on the state tax rate. Would that be just use...  more
    Last post by Jason Forlines - June 23
  • For those that had employees take ESPL or EFMLA, how did you report your 941 deposits and subsequently the 941 for the employer's share of Social Security tax that was not required...  more
    Last post by Samantha Ruiz - June 22
  • Anyone that has done a property tax wage garnishment, do you apply the percentage to the gross, or the gross after deduction for federal tax, FICA/Medicare?
    Last post by Judy Burby - June 19
  • What is the most correct way for the employer to report a tax-free reimbursement of tuition expense to an employee - by way of payroll (W-2) or accounts payable (1099)?Thanks,Steve McNally
  • Are any local governments offering Hazard pay to employees who are required to continue to report for duty?  
    Last post by David Beck - May 13
  • I know that not all of you subscribe to Coates’ Canons (although you should!). So I am posting here the content of my last CC post about my new book on the FLSA:
    In the scram...  more
  • I’ve just posted a new blog post on Coates’ Canons, Updates on COVID-19 Symptoms and the EEOC’s Stance on COVID-19 Testing. In addition to the embedded link, I&rs...  more
  • Which of these statements are true?

    It takes a village to get the FFCRA right.
    Crowdsourcing is the best way to pull together information on the FFCRA....  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 24
  • Folks,
    This morning I published a new blog post on our Coates’ Canons blog: Furloughing Employees During the COVID-19 Crisis. You can find it here. I’m also attaching a...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 22
  • As you have probably already guessed, the Public Employment Law Update, scheduled for May 15, will not be held. Given all of the uncertainty about when the Governor’s and loc...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 20
  • If you missed the live version of COVID-19 and Employment Law Zoom Office Hours yesterday (4/16), you can now access it online at: .
    If you misplace thi...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 17
  • Folks,
    If you have read my blog post on dealing with an employee who is infected or has been exposed to COVID-19, you will want to read my colleague Jill Moore’s excellent co...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 17
  • Here’s the order in which we will be taking questions on tomorrow’s (THURSDAY 4/16’s) Employment Law Office Hours Zoom call from 10 a.m. - noon:

    Infect...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 15
  • Good afternoon –
    I’m looking to see how other local governments are handling Fireman’s Relief Fund Accounts.    Here are a few questions:
    -&...  more
    Last post by Laura Rotchford - April 15
  • I know that many of you already subscribe to Coates’ Canons, the SOG’s local government law blog. But for those of you who do not, I wanted to make sure that you know t...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 15
  • Bob Joyce and I will be holding the fourth in our COVID-19 Employment Law Office Hours series on Thursday, April 16, 2020 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM. Please send me your questions usin...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 13
  • Below are some questions that I have about eFMLA and ePSL:

    Do you have to use Emergency FMLA first for caring for a child or can we automatically use Emergency Sick Leave under re...  more
    Last post by Andrea Freeman - April 9
  • Has anyone determined how to calculate and report wages related to the EPSL or EFMLA?  We are not required to pay the employer portion of Social Security; however, do we pay o...  more
    Last post by Chris Nida - April 8
  • Folks,
    Here is the order in which we will be considering questions on today’s (Tuesday, April 7) Third Employment Issues & COVID-19 Zoom Office Hours:

    Employees Who Are Sick...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 7
  • Does anyone (particularly Munis users) have a summary of their pay and accrual codes setup to handle the new requirements of the FFCRA?
    Last post by Tiffany Murray - April 6
  • This morning I published a new blog post on the U.S. Department of Labor's new final regulations implementing the FFCRA's paid leave provisions: Highlights of the U.S. Department o...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 6
  • The US Dep't of Labor has now issued regulations governing emergency paid leave under the FFCRA (!
    &nb...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - April 3
  • Here is a link to a recording of the second edition of Employment Law Zoom Office Hours, held on March 31, 2020:
    I have also up...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 31
  • This is the order of topics we will follow during tomorrow’s (Tuesday’s) Zoom Office Hours. If you missed my previous notice, it is set forth at the bottom of this e-ma...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 30
  • I have written a blog post on tax and retirement deductions from emergency FMLA payments and emergency paid sick leave payments under the FFCRA. It includes a frequently asked ques...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 30
  • Okay, folks, we have an official answer to the question of who is an emergency responder for the purposes of exclusion from the emergency FMLA provisions and the emergency paid sic...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 29
  • Folks,
    I will be holding a second set of Zoom Office Hours on Tuesday morning, March 31 from 10 a.m. – noon. We will be using our new Zoom license that allows for up to 500 p...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 27
  • I have just published a Coates’ Canons blog post on whether otherwise healthy, asymptomatic employees who are subject to shelter in place restrictions qualify for emergency p...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 27
  • If you missed the Zoom Office Hours I held this morning (Thursday, March 26 from 10 am – noon), an audio recording of the call is now up on the web. Go to:  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 26
  • Folks,
    US DOL posted the following guidance this morning at: . It says that it will not enforce the paid leave pr...  more
    Last post by Diane Juffras - March 26
  • The recent Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act for COVID-19 for government employers and employees states FICA taxes do not have to be paid on these particular leave wages. Since governm...  more
    Last post by Dawn Friedman - March 25
  • I need to issue one week's pay and then vacation payout for a deceased employee.  Do I issue the check and direct deposit like always?  Or do I HAVE to issue a check to his estate?
    Last post by Jason Forlines - March 23
  • What are other units doing regarding keeping Town Hall open and staffing during the next two weeks of no school.  Additionally, how you giving additional leave time as a resul...  more
    Last post by Heather Meacham - March 16
  • For anyone that charges a deposit on facility rentals would you please share your policy concerning the refund of the deposit.
    Last post by Sandra Barss - March 16
  • Inviting you to please participate in our survey of the number of employees in a finance department.  If anyone is interested in the results please let me know and I will shar...  more
    Last post by REBECCA GARLAND - March 8
  • We are wondering if there is anyone that currently is paying a learning bonus / incentive to their employees for continuing their education in a job-related area. We would like to ...  more
    Last post by Dawn Friedman - March 5
  • If you have 150 or more employees and outsource payroll can you please answer the below questions:What vendor do you use?How do you comply with retention requirements?Thanks in adv...  more
    Last post by Africa Otis - February 13
  • Good morning!Is anyone reimbursing employees for personal cell phone usage, as an Accountable Plan, or as a non-taxable fringe?If so, could you please share your policy/procedure f...  more
    Last post by Jeffrey Moore - February 12