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  • Does anyone have a sample resolution that they would be willing to share in regards to appointing deputy finance officers for the purpose of performing the pre-audit?
    Last post by David Beck - February 19
  • We have a couple of Board approved economic incentive agreements that are performance based and will only create a financial obligation if certain milestones are met in future year...  more
    Last post by Donald Warn - February 19, 2019
  • I am trying to update our internal control policy. Does anyone have a copy that they would be willing to share? 
    Thanks in advance for your help.Tammy
    Last post by Tammy Holland - January 30, 2019
  • Just a quick poll:If you use Shred-It for your shredding service does anyone within your office keep a key to the shred box?To me that seems like it would be breaching internal con...  more
    Last post by Tammy Holland - August 16, 2018
  • I am part of a subcommittee of the Finance Advisory Board formed by Kara Millonzi with the School of Government.  My team is responsible for gathering information regarding th...  more
    Last post by Beth Hobbs - August 10, 2018
  • I am looking for hardcopies of contract routing sheets.  You can share directly with me if you like.
    Last post by Dianne Lowe - June 12, 2018
  • I, like many of you I'm sure, am in the process of drafting some changes to our procurement policies to ensure compliance with the new Pre-Audit for Electronic Transactio...  more
    Last post by John Overton - June 8, 2018
  • During the Intro to Local Govt Finance class we were discussing that you cannot give money to non-profits.  Norma said there would need to be a contract stating the purpose fo...  more
    Last post by John Frye - December 18, 2017
  • We are negotiating a contract with a vendor (general contractor) that will include subcontract work.  The vendor has proposed that all invoices would come directly t...  more
    Last post by Sara Pacholke - November 28, 2017
  • What is your unit's minimum dollar PO requirement?  Ours (Granville County) is $125.
    Last post by Steve Maynard - November 3, 2017
  • I am curious if any units have written policies for compliance with Uniform Guidance that they would be willing to share?  It would be even better if you have these policies a...  more
    Last post by Kyra Doster - October 9, 2017
  • Tossing this out to see how other entities handle cash payments.  Does anyone have a No Cash policy which requires taxes, water bills, permits, etc. to be paid by check, money...  more
    Last post by Martha Zeigler - August 18, 2017
  • What process do most have in place for preauditing small purchases under the P.O. threshold?
    Last post by Connie Lassiter - July 17, 2017
  • For contracts that are routed for signatures prior to the first day of the fiscal year (July 1 for municipalities and counties), in practice, how does your government preaudit annu...  more
    Last post by Mary Hogan - May 1, 2017
  • Could you please share what process you use when a vendor/customer loses their issued check and you need to void/reissue the check?  Here at the Town of Morehead Cit...  more
    Last post by Tamara Matthews - March 15, 2017
  • Our town has entered into its first SRF loan. Our Board has been awarded the funding, adopted the Budget Ordinance and approved all the supporting documents for our loan. We just r...  more
    Last post by Kim Wells - January 6, 2017
  • Hello,We have a bank credit card that we allow employees to use for purchases. If you have a policy or guidelines for this please share.  I want to try and put some type of co...  more
    Last post by J.B. Lagnie - January 5, 2017
  • If your City has a formal written Fraud Policy would you please post or share it with me.  Thank You.
    Last post by Lisa White - December 20, 2016
  • Does anyone issue a blanket purchase order to a vendor that is preaudited based on the maximum amount, and then allow employees to make purchases from the vendor up to that maximum amount?
    Last post by Susan O'Brien - October 27, 2016
  • Something has come up this year during the audit.Utilites- power, phone, water, internet, etc. how do you pre audit?Do you do a blanket purchase order for the entire year? Thank yo...  more
    Last post by UNC SOG Administrator - October 2, 2016